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Come back.
When is he gonna start another story?
i loved this and i claim for once more
Need moar
does anyone know when the next story start?
I am happy to say that this is one of my first, if not the first time I laughed at a comic. I couldn't participate, but I found it hilarious as heck!
I got a comment used in the story.
Best 649 accounts used in my life.
that was rad
I had a lot of fun, I got close to having a comment used in the story, but maybe next time. Cheers Rob!
My first time participating in one of these stories and the first 2 comments of the story were mine! My life is complete, I can die happy. Skeleton you can come out of my screen now!
We really need more story like this
and all 7 stories loop over again
so sad ;-;
even though I knew it would be the last page, I was hoping there'd be one more, really hoping to write Jump out of the screen and kill Shadowen
Looks like this story, *puts on shades* just got dumped. YEEEAAHHHH
Rob is probably dead now thats why he is taking so long
well, he has clearly been there for a while. Since it is the only thing he's missing in his inventory he presumed it is what was in the safe. PLUS t's made of gold, so, needs to be in a safe.
how did the clone know what was in the safe if he got stuck at that part?
Ah yes didn't think about that.. too bad :p
Copyright infringement?
I had the most votes with the lyrics from the original ghostbusters song I posted, but my post got removed :( why?
dissasemble the clonomatic and make a gun with it
maybe we need more explossions, guns and women wearing stars, just sayin tho...
because there's a sexy ghost downthere :3
Why are we going downstairs if we want to escape?
He should stop secuding everyone. He's acting like a needy bitch! Of course they won't let him get down on them.
I feel proud not only for making it on twice, but Both attempts at seducing the ghost were me.
This is great, my first time participating, and i've made it on twice. "Seduce the Ghost" at the beginning, and just now again with "Attempt to seduce the ghost again, maybe he's into mummies" I feel proud
Why was there a hidden bathroom is my question...
There will be the ghost inside the whole
Do more, except do it with the all the creators of C&H.
That Ghost was scary! :OOO
Congratulations, it's the same as mine from the previous one -.-
OMG OMG my suggestion was voted the top one :3
take off your shoes
i have a raging appreciation of art right now
Rob, I've read all your storydumps, and this is the first time i've been fortunate enough to participate! I've been reading C&H Since it's inception, and i'm a huge fan!
the ghost probably heard the gulping sound our hero made thinking there was food here, therefore the ghost is probably just hungry and we should offer him our burger
Chew the rope!!
it doesn't look like the rope is tied because you can see the two ends of the rope on either side, its more likely the rope is just wound around his body, so he should be able to break free
So, we are tied up, but somehow we're supposed to eat the burger. Logic game on point.
escape from dat rope like houdini
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