I Fell In A Hole


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I touch myself all the time
best story eveeer
Bit short, would've been nice if there was more, but funny story none-the-less. Can't wait for more! :D
Pretty cool
Some people are so inappropriate thag if you put it in the story it won't be fjnny
quite a plot twist in every single post, man!
whens the next one? you should do more of these. there aren't enough.
Dang, I was looking forward for a new one for years and missed it, still never participated in a single one despite being a fan from the beginning
moar ok thnx
I would really like to participate in the next one. These are awesome.
That was a good story, is there anyway to know when you are gonna make one? like a mail or something?
Haha, good story!
Awesome story! Too bad I couldn't participate, are you thinking about making stories on a different schedule?
My favorite part was the middle finger. Made me laugh hard enough it woke up my wife.
Oh my God please don't do this shit fapping please. If you continue with that, then do a storydump with fapping and bitches everywhere
You should've jacked off more often..... It really helps to relieve stress, ya know!
More Fapping ofc , You should've made ur cat as alliance xD Plz make a new story and make it fast PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I think that story needed a little more fapping..
Sequel: the cat and worms had mutant babies while in his stomach
No more FAPPING!
You are a pretty bad farmville player Rob. I'm not sending you any more requests from now on.
I had 5 fun reading this story
This was fantastic, i'm sad I missed it. Could you do another one soon? I dont exactly have valentines plans so a valentines related story dump would be fun.
I loved it, and it would be great if you can maybe gather all the pictures and make a little comic book that we can save. Sorry about my english, I'm from Morocco by the way
make another story
Loved it! Can't wait for longer stories, since I completely missed participating in this one.
why arent we doing this every night? you didnt use any of my suggestions but it was still fun and very funny
Great test run. There was only one problem that should be fixed and that's the ability to upvote your own posts.
Great fun indeed, thanks Rob! Great drawings!
woo I got two posts based on mine.
Thanks for the kickass suggestions, everyone! That was fun. If you feel like it, send us feedback and let us know any bugs or feature ideas you have.
Best story ever
More stories!! :D
Do remember this was a test story. It was suppose to be short
psh, cmon, can't end it like that
Nooooooooo!! I missed it. It was still funny though.
Yeiy! Happy ending!
Well that's it lol
Hurry up rob!!!!
I heard he will be back
He needs to bring back Fredrico
It's also why he didn't draw the third dig deeper suggestion, crap like that gets boring to draw and read
Well that's why he said forever. So it doesn't come back up
What the hell is up with the Farmville suggestions?
This is freaking awesome. I hope you make lots more in the future. I will participate all of them! :D
just wait for the blue tab to pop up
the sound isn't working, no way to know if it was updated other than checking the tab ever 15seconds
He's getting no where lol
The digging should never stop.
dildo tree..
We need more harvesting of crops on farmville.
How the fuck does that worm have hands?
the time machine one had most votes
@bobmister72 no worries
@Lonewolf thank you lol
Should've put the chest in the cat.
@bobmister72 just click the suggestion
pet cat then dig deeper
"Dig deeper" wins again! Might as well be a golddigger!
someones never listened to bananaphone...
It is not just the banana. It is much more complicated device.
Why is it people post suggestions like 'use the banana as a phone and call for help' it's a banana!!
I dig that guy who suggested "dig deeper" Simple yet deep.
Spoilers: Dis gon' b good
The site is working smoothly so far.
blah blah blah find underground civilization blah blah blah become one of them blah blah blah get out
so will you always pick the choice with the most votes? or just whatever you feel like?
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