Lost At Sea

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loved it :3 also, cried so hard xD
Ikr me too can you plz make another one plzzz
So sad I just found this !! Want another story to participate in
Make one where the guy is with bacteria sand viruses
loved the fight really... why don't you add a health bar for every story?
I feel like I missed out on life by just figuring out this was here.... again again I want to participate!
It was a great story. It loops as well. I never got my email announcing the story though.
awesome story, but I am disappointed in the lack of tentacle hentai
Awesome ending xD Haha - cleverly completed.
Damn man, this is hilarious. And +1 on the font as well.
Like the dude said, this font is BANANAS :D
Look at that smiley face ! Argh !
Duuuude this shit was hilarious!! like usually... even if I didn't get to participate just reading it was the best! Kudos
P.S. What font is this?? it's bananas!!
What program do you use to draw?
These are quick stories? Haha, you're too talented an artist, man.
One love.
I dunno, honestly i didn't really notice any serious lag. I figured taking 2-3 minutes to draw a picture of someone else's idea is pretty damn good time.
I really love these stories though, please do them more often!
There'll be a lot more. I'm doing these quick stories to stress test the server and test out features.

We badly need a new server.
There had better be more. I just got into this!!!
god dammit rob, just as I was ready to sign in and comment on something, you had to finish the damn story.
yay he has a wang!
When will there be more? :)
Sorry for the huge amount of lag, we're gonna be switching servers soon.
Hey dudes, this is just the discussion thread! Once the story opens you can start hurling advice.
Just walk away because violence is not the answer!
tangle that high voltage line on your spear and electrocute him on the eye!
Thanks for tuning in, we'll finish this story tomorrow!
such story
I just feel like this is a major railroad.
You sir, are an absolute genius for this idea.
Solid drawing and hilarious subtleties throughout.
Rob, I meant that you were a dense motherfucker in the best way possible. haha! :)

Thank you for a hilarious comic ^^
So glad the I caught the announcement for this ^_^
Let's actually get somewhere interesting, shall we?
Don't make the same history!!
Can something interesting happen already, please?
I'm pro making this entire story into a RTS.
the little island is ghey
take the boat to the bottom of the sea
: > )
I'm ghey.
Fucking awesome. Worth staying awake 'till 5am.
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