Hey guys, just FYI we're transferring to a better server this week. I'll announce a new story once that's done, and hopefully the next one will be smoother/faster with a zippier website.


Once I'm confident in server performance I'll do a long one.

Appreciated Comments

Get on with it!!!

Seriously... I miss you man <3
Omg finally hurry with it to
Still waiting for new story....:/
cool forum
Somebody is busy! So, like, that it like broked?
Get on with it Rob
I check every day hoping for a new story......then I go fap and cry myself to sleep
There are very few things I look at on the internet, that can consistently make me laugh/chuckle... these stories are one of them. :D Perhaps it's cause drawing is a blast, meaning making an interactive story looks fun! ..can't wait for the next one.
Any idea when the next story is happening?
So uh, any news on when we get our next story?
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January 6, 2015
5 pm - 9 pm

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