We did it!!

Thanks everyone who participated in LOST AT SEA. I feel like we all learned something about ourselves.

I should mention, as before, storydump is still developing and we'd love to hear your feedback on the stories.

Also we'll be getting a faster server in the near future. Sorry about the immense lag during today's session.


Appreciated Comments

I love it
LOL. I had fun reading the story, I didn't get a chance to contribute though.
I like to play with myself.
I think it's a great and fresh idea. I'm looking forward to more dumpy stories, bigger, better, and robber.
Lost at sea was melodious, and the hole was pretty decent. I'd love it if the stories were a little longer, but that's completely up to you. Can we have a story that starts in a volcano?
This is such a fantastic idea!! When's the next story??
what are you doing is awesome. wierd and disturbing, but awesome
I learned how weird and slightly disturbing people can be, but that's what makes the story more interesting.
Not only did we grow in size, we grew in character.
I dig the formula of going with one of the top 3 answers.
It adds a bit of creative leniency for you, and anticipation for the audience. Keep it up, man.
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January 6, 2015
5 pm - 9 pm

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