We did it again!

The spooked became the spooker in Spooky Manor.

Thank you guys for your help! And a huge thanks to Shawn Coss who helped out with some of the BGs you saw tonight. He's a most valuable ally.

As you guys probably noticed, the server tried to commit suicide several times. We're looking into why, and how to fix it for next time.

As always, I'd love to hear if anything broke for you, or if you have any feedback whatsoever.

Appreciated Comments

rob pls
We're disappointed, Rob.
Make another story
I'm back for another comment
DOOD Where are you? I NEED more story dump.
RIP this site
When are we getting more though?
The guy in the apartment next to me just knocked on my door to check if I was injured because I was laughing so loudly at Spooky Manor. Apparently my joy sounds like pain.
when is the next one?
When is the next
I only just registered now soo can't say much BUT I have been secretly stalking all your pages for a long time. You make me laugh so hard people ask me if I'm okay. So thank you, you crazy, awesome person :P
There is truthfully no other form of online entertainment that can make me laugh more in one sitting than any of these stories. LOLs oh so many lols... I think I woke my roommate up when I saw the badass with war paint and a belt full of wrenches.
*pads rob on the head*
When's the next story? :) :D
when's the next :D ?
Doesn't hold me back from loving this site
(Continue) About the server... yeah I understand it gets overwhelmed with the amount of users logged on and sending in data. So sometimes it was hard to type a comment and vote on other comments, it got really laggy. Anyway besides that I loved it :)
Well about the story itself the idea and the experience is plain awesome. I really love this concept of this interactive story and I wouldn't change it a bit. The most unpredictable things can happen and that's what makes it so special and funny.
Spooky Scary Skeletons
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