Escape from Spooky Manor

Where am... What the...

Top Suggestions

Roll against the wall so the painting will fall and maybe reveal something behind it?
Hit yourself in the head with the wrench, you might be dreaming.
chew the rope
Attempt to break free using half burger.
Eat the half burger, gaining weight will result in the rope bursting
Pee yourself!
Break the picture and use glass shards to cut the rope
Use the half burger grease to slip out of the ropes.
Put the wrench in your butt, jump to the door and try to open it.
Roll into the dresser to see what's inside.
Eat wrench in hope your hot intestines change it into a sharper object. Use burger for flavour.
Uh... try to stand up, and bang your head at the wall until the painting falls off!
Eat the burger hoping to get fat from it to break free of the ropes
Perhaps thats a window rather than a painting, ask the fellow behind you for help
Roll around the room to see if you can find anything
chew yourself free then attempt brake the door down with the half burger
Try to wiggle out of the rope
Remember that the rope is a part of your body and that you're completely fine.
Hit picture with wrench
Escape from the spooky manor.
Use the wrench to smash open the chest of drawers.
Put the wrench in the burger and sue mcdonalds
Tilt yourself and use fart power to knock the door down!
Chew on the rope until it breaks
fart your way out of those ropes!
chew through the rope
Roll towards drawers, open them with wrench.
Your legs are still untied! Headbutt that door open
Use your head to knock painting off the wall and then use the broken frame to cut the ropes.
use the burger to cut the rope then picklock door with the burger
Frantically attempt to stab the rope using the wrench
Kick shoe off at painting
Suck the rope off like its spaghetti.
Throw the burger at the door to attract someone
Eat the burger to get strenght
Eat the wrench!
Gnaw through the rope
nibble rope to weaken it.
smear half burger on painting's face
Roll towards the cupboard
Turn that frown upside down.
Combine the wrench and the half-burger to make the ultimate tool of destruction.
Look for treasure in the cabinet.
somersault to your feet and hop around the room
Open burger and find knife
Perform a headstand so the rope will fall down.
Use stomach acid to burn through the rope.
Use the half burger oil to slide out of the rope
bite through the ropes
Think sexy thoughts until you have HUGE ERECTION that will tear the ropes off.
Roll against the wall so the painting will fall and maybe reveal something behind it?

Top Suggestions

Ask the painting what's the combination!
Pull the drawers open with your teeth to see what's inside
Admire painting to momentarily forget your predicament
Make out with the painting, then bash in the safe with the wrench!
Jump to your feet and smash your head through the painting. It may make a superior disguise.
Perform a headstand so the rope will fall down.
Kiss the painting
Headbutt the painting to get some glass to cut the ropes with
Use the half burger on it, see if it works
eat the burger
Gnaw your arm off and use it to open the safe
Kiss the painting
Check the drawers with your mouth to see if there's anything useful on them.
bite your way through the ropes
Do a staring contest with the painting
Eat picture.
Kick the dresser over and see what's inside
Vomit on the rope, hoping that your bodily liquids will dissolve the rope
take a closer look at the painting.
Attempt to free yourself from your constriction. Examine that safe.
pie yourself so the rob get wet, then chew it...
Does the burger have mustard or ketchup? If it does use that to slip past through the ropes
Roll into the painting to enter the next world.
Lick the painting
Ask the dude in the painting what the safe code is.
Try to see if the safe is open, try to open it with your mouth.
Try 666 maybe it is a spooky and a cultist house at the same time(use your tongue it is sexier that way)
Make out with the painting. Maybe with saliva it will reveal the code?
Use your extra-long tongue to open the safe.
Wiggle your way out of the rope
Attempt to open the safe (Duh!).
Bang the safe with your head!
hit safe with wrench
Hit the safe with the wrench until it opens
Look in the drawers for a combination.
Use the wrench to angrily beat the safe open, oh, nevermind you're still tied up. Instead, use the hamburger to gain weight and make the rope burst
Put wrench in mouth to break da door
Chew through the rope
Gnaw at the safe.
Roll against the drawers to try and drop them on the floor...
Make out with the painting before doing anything else!
Put the picture back. That was rude of us to knock it down. Eh, open the safe first, though.
Scream! Someone might hear you.
Bash the safe with your head until it opens.
Put the wrench in your mouth and open the safe with it.
Get your ass out of those ropes and use the wrench on the safe
Break the picture with the wrench
Try to open the safe with your head.
There is probably a ghost in the painting, talk to it!
Lick the painting, no one is watching!
Try to feed the half burger to the guy in the painting.
Painting is closer now and magically sprouts hands to untie rope
Use your extending tongue to open the safe
Try opening the safe with the wench
eat the painting
chew yourself free of your rope then proceed to head but the safe in hope it opens
Start a staring contest with the picture.
Ignore the combination. Put your eyes next to the vault, maybe it will open with your iris.
unlock the safe with your tongue who need arms these days anyway
Enter 1234. It always works.
Try opening the drawers with your mouth.
Use your feet to open the drawer! Or the door. Whatever the fuck you want
Chew the rope and put it in your burger. Sue Mcdonalds.

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This story was completed on January 6, 2015 with the help of 297 people. You can talk about this story at the discussion page.


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