I Fell In A Hole

This sucks. A little help here?

Top Suggestions

Dig deeper!
Send the banana for help.
Throw the cat out of the hole to go get help.
Eat the cat and call a taxi with the banana
Eat the cat to gain magical powers
Give cat the money to call a taxi.
Use the cat as a step stool to get out?
Toss the banana over the hole, hold onto the cat and await liftoff.
Stick the banana in the cat's anus, grab on to his tail and ride the now blood-thirsty beast to victory out of the hole.
Send the cat to get help!
Try to eat/tunnel your way out like an earth worm.
Buy the banana from the cat using the money
Feed the cat the banana, he might be hungry.
Tie banana to cat's tail and try using the catbanana as a grapling hook.
Pay the hole to let you out
Dial for help on your banana phone.
Eat the banana.
Pay the cat to eat the Banana
I paid the cat to eat the banana for my sole entertainment.
Bribe the cat with the money so he can help you out with his powers
throw the banana in the air. maybe there are monkeys around
throw the change and hope yiou attract a wild jew
tie your clothes into a rope, and use it to climb out.
Use the Banana Bomb to rocket jump out of there.
Put the banana up the cat's butt.
Bury everything.
pay the cat to go get help
Try to pole-vault out with the banana.
Shout for help. No sense wasting resources at this point.
Use the banana as a phone to call for help.
Sexually eat the banana while waiting for it to rain so you can swim out of the hole
Bribe the cat to go get help. Also eat the banana while you wait, you must be hungry!
Feed the banana the cat
use the banana like a boomerang to try to call for help!
contemplate your existance
Pet the banana
animals can get out of trouble...... see if the cat knows a way out.... or just play with it
try to plant the banana and see if it grows into a tree.
Cats are greedy so throw money on top of the hole and grab onto the cat. It use it's claws to climb up
Hit the cat with the banana.
scream for help!
Dig deeper!

Top Suggestions

Dig deeper
Open the chest. Shit. Keep digging
Immediately regret your decision and do some sad masturbating
Keep digging randomly, because there's no way you could know there's a hidden chest there.
use the banana as a pick to dig faster
Dig to the chest!
avoid the chest. keep digging for dinosaur bones
Try using the cat as a key to open the chest.
Send the cat to open the chest.
It might be a trap
Ignore the chest. Dig further down, there's bound to be better treasures
Deeper damnit!
keep digging. nothing to do here
Dig your nose.
Climb back up, This is going nowhere.
Bribe the cat with some of your money to check out the chest.
open the chest with your face and only your face
Use the cat to dig
Put the banana in the chest for future hungry diggers.
Ignore the chest, it's clearly a decoy! Dig deeper and find the real treasure!
Open the chest, it may contain a more effective digging device. Or more bananas, and let's face it, you can never have too much potassium.
Dig to the treasure!
Pull the chest out of the dirt and open it.
Dig with your nose, whatever you smell, dig through there
Oh no now the cat is with you, and looks mad!
Use a coin as a key and/or to pry the lock open.
Dig to the chest! It may have treasure...or a cell phone!
Definitely open the chest, take whatever is in it, and leave the cat in the chest with the two pennies.
look in the chest
Explain how you have a dollar and thirty-seven cents while only having one bill and 3 coins.
Go for the box.
Keep going down
Ignore the chest.
Look in the chest.
eat the banana
Give the money to the banana and send it for help. Use the cat to dig faster.
Dig to the left and then open your mouth and swallow the treasure test. Then after a while, burp it out. It will create a force that will push you upwards.
Stuff 37 cents up your nose
See if you can fit that treasure chest into your mouth.
Once digging to the chest, use one of the coins to unlock it, then see what you find inside.
you're obviously fanished from digging that holeThe ground is obviously peanut butter. Eat your way to the chest.

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This story was completed on February 13, 2014 with the help of 166 people. You can talk about this story at the discussion page.


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