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hit the bottom of the planter pot so it grows a Mario-style vine to climb back up!!

Top Suggestions

Use one of the pottery shards to cut your arm off. Attach the vine in its place.
Uhm.... you're screwed, now
grab the anchor points on the piece of dirt above you and make a parachute shape!
Use the plant to lasso yourself onto safety
Have an awkward conversation with Michael Cera who happens to be falling next to you and then remember that you're Spiderman.
Glitch the picture some more and jump through the worm hole that is made
Random Dancing Gorillas on Jetpacks eating Sandwiches.
it seems most of the suggesters are high, retarded, or fapping as the artist draws. I think it is safe to say the ground will be met, Manly Man wasn't manly, and he shall soon die.
Google "How to survive a fall from a sky-scraper" on your laptop!
Visit StoryStump, they should know what to do with the problem.
Wear the vine as a scarf. We should strive to look our best in times like these.
Cry like a bitch.
Fall into a mattress store which had it's roof destroyed by all of the aimless bazooka fire.
Shove the dirt in your pants.
QUICK! grab the vine and lasso your chair into a window, thus propelling you vertically!
Finally just end up hitting the ground, WITH A SPLAT.
Eat the vine, digest it. Then shit it out with so much force that you are rocketed up to the top of the building
whatever those white dots are ( im thinking seeds, or plant food) OBTAIN THEM.
Take the plant and use it to build yourself a neat speedo. Obviously you need to take off your clothes and store them in the inventory
tie the vine to the chair and grapple it to a window.
make a scarf with the plant it´s kinda wheatery and a cold is the worst that can happen now !
Call out for Chuck norris.
Sit in the chair again and check today's new explosm comic
have a nap. You've had a hard day and it's obvious that you're not going to hit the ground any time soon
i hear if you land face first you could survive
Tie the plant to the chair and throw the chair into a passing window. Grab your comp while you're at it.
a magical being appears and transforms the broken pottery shells into fredrico, then mixes the now brownish fredrico with the chair to make him purple again
weave the plant into an umbrella, float softly down.
Try to slow yourself down so you don't splat!
Rocket up to the building logo
speak german
Sit in the chair so it will absorb the fall. Instead of... you know. your body.
Land on a bouncy castle full of leprechauns.
Your hopes are broken. Try to kill yourself with the bazooka-leg.
Use the Labtop to call for help D:!!!
Blast a passing bird with your bazooka leg and place in your inventory for lunch later.
dodge the jagged pot bits
Use your bazooka leg to blow some shit up.
spontaneously combust :)
Go online and have a trampoline delivered to your location.
Hold the chair above your head and spin the wheels like a helicopter rotor.
Watch porn.
Realize you have superpowers and fly outta there.
Wear the vine as a scarf. We should strive to look our best in times like these.

This story was completed on June 21, 2010 with the help of 153 people.

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This story was completed on June 21, 2010 with the help of 153 people.


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